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We buy scrap metal Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Mixed steel. We accept most local competitors coupons and our own computer coupon. Competitors must have same operational hours as ours (and purchase all crv items 1-7). One Must present this add. Aluminum Cans CRV $1.80 per lb and Pet Plastic CRV $1.33 per lb.
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Cash 4 cans Recycling Center Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Important Recycling Benefits And Facts

Cash4cans Riverside of Riverside, CA will show you how recycling is beneficial to both you and the environment, as well as other ways you can reuse your metal, glass, and plastic containers and other items.

Many ways to reuse and recycle

  • It takes seconds to put your soda can, newspaper, or glass jar into the recycling bin
  • Use old cardboard tubes to store extension cords and Christmas lights.
  • Your kids can make baby food jars into snow globes.
  • Reuse plastic storage containers and paper and plastic bags.
  • You can make a lava lamp with an old bottle and some common household items.
  • The internet and books provide countless possibilities and instructions.

Help protect the environment

Just one plastic bottle can remain in a landfill for over 100 years and glass can take 4000 years to decompose. When you recycle such materials, you are not only freeing up landfill space, you are also preventing the emissions involved with making new bottles.
Global warming has now become a fact and is no longer considered a theory. You can help ensure a bright (and not hot) future for your descendants by recycling today.

Cash for your bottles and scrap metal!

You can bring other recycling center coupons to us and we'll honor them as well. We also have a gift program so save your receipts.
Ask about our gift program!
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